SaraSyn :I consider myself a girl of two phases, between hell or paradise, everything depends on you or your personality with me, if you prefer my good side I am happy, charismatic, committed, respectful, loving, friendly ,,. In short there are many things that describe my personality, my opposite side is how wild and rough I can be both in bed and in my daily life ,,, I love a good book, walking in the mountains, a bonfire, wine and good company, I am passionate about dance, travel, discover new cultures, savor very well each typical dish of the places where I go, share and above all enjoy, that is the key to enjoy each of the things you do

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Age :22
Orientation : I like a little of everything but if you are black you have a plus
Fantasies : Make love on a plane or on a balcony with a great view where the wind and the sun fill me while I'm with you
Favorite Position : I love 69 but I also like it in the doggy position
Note : 4.8

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