AshliJey :Hello! My name is Vlada!I am a Russian girl with arabic blood ! i do not speak arabic, but i would love to find someone to teach me more about my origins! I love to be spoiled , like every woman and i think a real man here can become the man of my life! I enjoy life as it comes….with small and big pleasures and surprises. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤I am always open to new sensations One of my favorite things in camming is meeting new people. So don't be shy, join in and say hi - it's more fun when we play with each other. I love: Fast Food, Sleep, Animals especially cats and dogs, Netflix, Shopping expensive underwear and sports shoes I love always smiling and give and give only positive emotions :D Thanks for understanding me and supporting me! You are the best,guys!✨ ✨ When i'm not in front of the cam , i'm in my home with cat :) ✨Even if you see me here very porn and sexy, usually in my free time i'm a normal girl who likes sports clothes and expensive cars ✨ I have a friends and cat ) ✨ I love watching horror movies .... muhahah)Dance and read books ✨And btw If you have no taste, scroll through this room :)))

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Age :25
Orientation : Heterosexual , but i don't mind really be you man or girl, but still the sex with man the number 1
Fantasies : One of my biggest dream in this life is to meet my "Partner in crime", to travel all the world with him. Hihi ♥ Maybe you will be that person ✨. And the second dream is to be RICH ...mmm.. or this is the first one ? Who knows :))? I trust that you will
Favorite Position : Hmm i love to be on top and stay in doggy or when i lay in my stomach
Note : 4.3

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